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S25Phone Version History

Date   Notes
26-Dec-2003 1.13 Maintenance release before new development. Couple of minor bugs fixed.
03-Sep-2003 1.12 Support for Hebrew SMS messages.
02-Aug-2003 1.11 Improved compatibility with OS5 devices. Display logo & ring tone management added. Simplified licensing mechanism introduced to allow automated (faster) order processing.
17-Mar-2003 1.10 Connection settings was changed - predefined connection profiles from Preferences app are used. Improved compatibility with Bluetooth devices (Tungsten T).
New licensing mechanism for better compatibility on PalmOS 5 devices was introduced.
07-Feb-2003 1.09 Support for Unicode messages (UCS2 encoded SMS) for languages using Greek, Cyrillic and Central Europe fonts. Win CP1250, Win CP1251 and Win CP1253 are supported in this release.
22-Aug-2002 1.08 Support for numbers using text format. Support for status messages stored in memory.
06-Jul-2002 1.07 Support for alarms finished. Compatible with S45/ME45 firmware 21
19-Jan-2002 1.06 Support for multiple phones used with one PDA device
Delete of all directory entries added
Bug in Directory browser (NULL in MemMgr) fixed
29-Dec-2001 1.05 Fixed problems in Directory browser causing fatal exception
Sorting and exporting of messages added
Network info now works properly with S/ME 45 phones
09-Dec-2001 1.04 Directory browser supports Address program database
New design of Directory browser form Support for clipboard usage in Message editing - Palm OS 3.1 and 3.3
24-Nov-2001 1.03 Time info and synchronization added
Backup bit is set for directory and message databases
Added possibility to save only changed directory entries - significant speed improvement
13-Nov-2001 1.02 Product divided into two versions - Lite and Full
Export of phone directory to Memo note added.
01-Nov-2001 1.01 Improved compatibility with other phones (Nokia 6210)
16-Sep-2001 1.00 Release version